Welcome to Jiehao Freight!

1. Weight rules  


The starting charge is 0.5kg, and the real weight and material weight (except 6000) shall be the larger.  




2. Uae zone  


1) Other parts of the UAE include: Shar Jah /Abu Dhabi /Al Ain /Ajman /Ras Al Khaimah /Umm Alquain.  


Please send the specific address to confirm whether it can be delivered before shipping in this area.  


3. JEBEL ALI in Dubai belongs to the bonded port area and cannot be entered for delivery. The consignee should contact our company to pick up the express goods to this place.  




3. Return redistribution fee  


If the goods fail to be delivered due to the problem of the receiving party, they can be redelivered at a charge.  




4. Excess length and excess weight:  


If the weight is more than 16KG and the fractional part is less than 1KG, 1KG will be charged.  Oversized or overweight single enquiry.  




5. Delivery address requirements  


There is no surcharge for all deliveries in Downtown Dubai, and Amazon will charge 3 yuan per kilogram for delivery goods.  




6. Connected products  


Can be connected to general goods, internal electricity, supporting battery products.  




7. Reject products  


1) does not accept any brand or infringing products (will be subject to customs protection of intellectual property rights online records, website:  


2) Do not accept pure electricity, liquid powder, alcohol, perfume, nail polish, chemicals, knives, matches, lighters, laser Pointers, drugs, guns, ammunition and other contraband.  




8. Shipping requirements  


1) Description of goods declared by all countries: In order to improve the time limit of customs clearance, please do not use general characters such as Sample, Accessories, Gift, Parts and Tools in description of goods;  In case of delay in customs clearance, return or customs deduction due to inconsistent declaration, all consequences shall be borne by the sender.  


2) Label requirements for outer packaging: The minimum package size of all packages is 15CM*11CM*1CM. Please attach labels correctly to facilitate scanning and accurate delivery.  


3) CE mark: Electronic products must be labeled with CE mark. If not, the products will be confiscated or even fined after customs inspection. The sender shall bear the related expenses caused by CE mark.  




9. Compensation standard  


(Our company will make a claim within 30-60 days after receiving the shipment, after which no claim application will be accepted) :  


1) Lost without extraction: refund fee + compensate for one time freight.  


2) Lost after withdrawal: no refund of freight, only the declared price, the maximum is not more than RMB100/ ticket.  


3) Support freight collect, handling fee is 1% of the collection, minimum consumption of 80RMB/ ticket.  If the consignee refuses to pay, the shipper will bear the cost. Otherwise, the goods will be deducted and the refund will be arranged two weeks after receiving the freight.  


4) 3% will be charged for the collection of goods, and the refund will be arranged two weeks after the payment is received.  




10. Check the url