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What you don't know about COD payment collection logistics mode 2021/6/7 16:39:27

Under the challenges of tax turmoil and trade barriers faced by mainstream e-commerce markets in Europe and the United States, emerging cross-border blue ocean markets such as Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and South America have attracted great attention.



In the first half of 2020, Hong Kong still tops the list of 2021/6/7 16:39:40

The global epidemic in 2020 will have a serious impact on the world economy, and the global demand for international freight will decline. According to recent half-year data released by Airports Council International (ACI), demand in the world's top ten cargo hubs fell by 4.1% year-on-year in the first half of the year.



Five Ones Policy Flight rewards and circuit breaker measures will be implemented from June 8! 2021/6/7 16:39:59

From June 8, 2020, all foreign airlines that are not included in the "fifth phase" flight plan can choose a port city with receiving capacity within the scope of the company's business license



IATA:Aviation will be the main driver of economic recovery 2021/6/7 16:40:28

Aviation always puts safety first. Implement science-based biosecurity regimes to keep passengers and crew safe while ensuring efficient operations; ensuring aviation is not a way to spread infectious diseases such as COVID-19.



DHL US regulations on goods with tariffs above $500 2021/6/7 17:19:07

DHL notices that the United States has regulations on goods with tariffs higher than $500. From September 2020, a new shipment return process will be implemented for goods with tariffs higher than $500. If the tariff cannot be settled within 5 days