Welcome to Jiehao Freight!

1. Weight rules  


If the actual weight and material weight (except 7000) are larger, it will be charged as G.  




2. The price of the quotation form contains content  


The above freight has included freight, customs clearance fee and delivery fee, but it does not include fines, return fee, redistribution fee and remote fee caused by customer reasons.  




3. Remote surcharge  


1) Extra weight: RMB200/ ticket for one side over 150cm or the sum of the three sides over 180cm, RMB500/ ticket for the sum of the three sides over 200cm and the sum of the three sides over 260cm, the real weight over 50KG or the three sides over 260cm is rejected.  


2) Remote surcharge: RMB50/ ticket. Please see the remote zip code on the right of the quotation sheet.  


3) Warehouse rental/storage fee: The storage period is free within 7 days after the goods are returned to the overseas warehouse after delivery failure. After 7 days, RMB5/ piece will be charged. The default destruction will be completed if the goods are not processed after 15 days after delivery.  


4) Destruction fee: RMB30/ ticket.  


5) Return fee: RMB100/ ticket.  


6) Re-distribution/re-distribution: RMB100/ ticket.  


7) taxes: if taxes are incurred, they will be paid by the sender and reimbursed in real terms plus 3% handling fee.  




4. Delivery address requirements  


Do not accept amazon/Rakuten warehouse address.  




5. Connected products  


Please refer to the above quotation sheet.  




6. Reject products  


1) does not accept any brand or infringing products (will be subject to customs protection of intellectual property rights online records, website:  


2) Do not accept pure electricity, liquid powder, alcohol, perfume, nail polish, chemicals, knives, matches, lighters, laser Pointers, drugs, guns, ammunition and other contraband.  


3) Do not accept toys for children under 6 years old, food utensil products and drug testing products.  




7. Compensation standard  


(Our company will submit a claim within 30 days after receiving the shipment, after which no claim application will be accepted) :  


1) Unwithdrawn and lost: refund fee + declared value compensation, the total is not more than RMB200/ ticket.  


2) Lost after withdrawal: no refund of freight, only the declared price, the maximum is not more than RMB100/ ticket.  


Please pack the fragile goods by yourself, otherwise we will not be responsible for the breakage.  




8. Check the url