Welcome to Jiehao Freight!

1. Weight rules  


Make freight plan according to the condition of goods.  




2. Service features  


1) Free receiving, inspection, collection, storage and packaging services.  


2) According to different goods (pure general goods, electric, brand, food, health care products, other sensitive goods) to make transportation plan for reference.  


3) Package, post, express, sea, air, special line double clear package tax to door and other channels  




3. Serve your country  


Service is available worldwide (except in some countries and regions where transportation is restricted).  




4. Delivery address requirements  


Private residential address, company business address, Amazon, overseas warehouse can be served.  




5. Connected products  


General goods, electric, pure electric, all legal goods.  




6. Reject products  


Any state regulation of controlled goods and contraband, as well as flammable and explosive goods and other dangerous goods.  




7. Shipping requirements  


1) Provide the senderisbusiness or personal information and detailed recipient information.  


2) Provide detailed information of product name, material, use, quantity, value and so on.  


3) For general trade, export tax refund shall be provided with materials: packing list, invoice, declaration power of attorney, contract, declaration draft, authorization letter.  




8. Compensation standard  


(Our company will make a claim within 30-60 days after receiving the shipment, after which no claim application will be accepted) :  


1) Unwithdrawn and lost: refund fee + declared price compensation, the total is not more than RMB200/ ticket.  


2) Lost after withdrawal: no refund of freight, only the declared price, the maximum is not more than RMB100/ ticket.  


3) For some special lines and small special lines, our company promises to refund the freight and compensate 40/kg for any customs deduction.  




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